Yesterday, I spent all day at Pike Place Market.

If you follow me at Instagram (@jonathangipaya), you probably know this by now. 

I finally had a free Saturday to catch up on editing photos and to finish my website. I also got the opportunity to shoot some street photography. I happened upon a coffee shop on the third floor of the building across from the main Public Market sign at Pike Place Market. It was recommended to me by a couple of my friends, including an engaged couple, that I'll be working with very soon for their engagement photos as well as their wedding next year. Rave reviews online, so I definitely had to check it out.

You can take an elevator to the 3rd or 4th floor (can't remember) or be adventurous and climb the stairs. Immediately entering the coffee shop, you're greeted with some of the nicest staff you'll ever meet. The coffee shop wasn't too big, but the way it was laid out, it felt very spacious. Three huge windows that overlook Pike Place Market and allowed for some really great backlit shots from my camera.

Storyville coffee serves an assortment of pastries as well as some delicious coffee. The company's motto is "Love Everyone", which is fantastic and was the theme of the day when I visited this coffee shop for the first time. It's now my favorite coffee shop in Seattle. Go to and learn more about them and visit them at the Pike Place Market location.



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