I can’t how many times my cousin Bradley and I have collaborated together on a project. Whether it’s working on music together, or coordinating halftime shows at Western Washington University, or doing a photo shoot for a fall fashion project, we’ve supported each other all the way and it was a blast being able to be a part of the creative process of last night’s video shoot for Kontagious Movement.


Kontagious Movement is a dance crew out of Seattle, WA.


I remember when it was first established. The dance group was created during my high school days and has seen different members throughout the years, but the dance group still lives on and is stronger than ever. They’ve accomplished so many things and have made a name for themselves in the dance community here in Seattle and have broadened their reach to a national level. Like I said, they are stronger as a team than ever and have a new, fresh, creative look on the future of the dance group. Keep a look out for when they’re performing next and see them live. They’re nothing short of incredible.

Here are some photos from last night!

Photography by Jonathan Gipaya

Assisted by Michelle Arquillano