I first met Amanda & TJ at their proposal last year at Cape Kiwanda. What an incredible moment to have been a part of! Throughout the year after their proposal, we were talking about their plans for their wedding and the idea of an adventurous elopement was brought to the table and it got me really excited. For months we scouted and researched a bunch of locations in the state of Washington and decided on one of the most gorgeous hikes in Washington. Sunrise hike at Mount Rainier provided an incredible backdrop for their elopement and we couldn't have been more excited.

The crew consisted of Amanda & TJ, Janelle (their friend and officiant), Rhys (my friend and videographer), and myself. We had met up around 6pm in the sunrise parking lot and made camp about a mile in. We had set our belongings down and decided to scout the summit and eventual area for their elopement. It was perfect timing too since we arrived at the top right before sunset and it made us even more excited for the next morning. We all headed back down to camp and start sleeping around midnight. In order to make it back to the summit an hour before sunrise, we decided to leave at 3:00am, which only gave us about 3 hours of sleep. It was worth it though since everyone was happy for Amanda & TJ to get married.

We arrived at the summit in time to get prepped for their ceremony. As soon as Amanda & TJ got ready, their ceremony was one of the most intimate and special ceremonies I'd ever been a part of. The following is the story of their journey and their epic elopement at Mount Rainier.