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Taylor & Justin: A New York Engagement // Fall in Central Park

It has always been a dream of mine as a wedding photographer to photograph an engagement session in Central Park. With Taylor & Justin, I finally got that opportunity to do so and am very thankful for that experience.

The beginning journey of me becoming a photographer started out with me studying and practicing my craft and listening/watching my weekly episodes of RAW talk with Jared Polin ( on YouTube. He's a photographer out of Philadelphia that has made a business out of educating amateur and professional photographers from his YouTube Channel. I had the extreme honor of having my website featured in one of his episodes and that really propelled my business to another level, due in part to the wide reach of Jared Polin's subscriber base. Coincidentally, Justin is a photographer and follows Jared Polin's YouTube channel too and found me by watching the episode I was featured on. It's pretty amazing how these things happen and I'm very thankful to be Taylor & Justin's wedding photographer!

By the way, please check out Justin's website at:

He has an incredible blog post of how he photographed his own proposal here:

My trip to the East Coast included Natalie & Garrett's Philadelphia engagement and Rosemarie & Brody's Boston engagement. As soon as Taylor & Justin booked me as their wedding photographer, they left Oregon to start working and going to school in Pennsylvania. They currently reside in Hershey, Pennsylvania (yes, the hometown of Hershey's chocolate). I proposed the idea of having them meet me in New York on my last full day on the East Coast to photograph their engagement shoot in Central Park and they were all for it. We had an incredible time and am thankful for my friend and videographer, Rhys Logan to get us some video of our time in New York. Enjoy!

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Manu & Audel: One-year Anniversary

Manu & Audel got married on August 9, 2013 and entrusted me with the responsibility of photographing their wedding. This was my first wedding as a primary photographer and photography was still a hobby of mine at the time. I informed them of this and the entire time we communicated, they were very positive and optimistic of my skills. They believed in me.

Manu & Audel were my first clients and were one of the main reasons why I got into wedding photography in the first place. I'm so grateful for the honor of being a part of their wedding, for showing me that it's not just about photographing weddings, but the opportunities for me to meet amazing people and to be a part of their lives. I love you two, congratulations on your one year anniversary!

Photography by Jonathan Gipaya and Michelle Arquillano (Assistant)

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