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ODESZA: 2015 Fall Tour

In fall of 2015, I was given the amazing opportunity of playing trumpet and taking photos of ODESZA during their fall tour. We toured all over the U.S. and some parts of Canada. As glamorous as tour looks from the outside perspective, it is very much a hard and grueling task to do what we love for a living. It's a blessing and a privilege to play these amazing shows for people all over the world and we will never take it for granted. Meeting new people and experiencing different cities makes up for the long work hours and traveling.

I joined ODESZA in April of 2015 at the Coachella Music Festival as one of the horn players in their new horn section. Although I've toured with multiple bands before, none would be as big of an opportunity as this was. I quickly learned that my shows with ODESZA have been some of the biggest shows I've ever played and will ever play in my lifetime.

Upon joining the band, you could immediately tell this band and its crew were a well-oiled machine. It's very impressive to see how far they've progressed with their music and touring. Harrison, Clay, Luke and Sean all attended the same college I went graduated from. I remember going to their shows in our college's town of Bellingham, WA and upon meeting them at our first rehearsal in April, we had an immediate connection.

Going back to fall tour, I've had the privilege of getting to know everybody and learning that this group is more than just a band; it's a family. Being a wedding and portrait photographer based in Seattle, WA, I was able to show off my camera skills by bringing my camera and gear along and taking photos throughout tour to create a visually stunning story of our shows throughout tour as well as a behind the scenes look.

So without further ado, I give you a visual perspective of what it's like to be the photographer and trumpet player of ODESZA. What a dream come true.

All photos by Jonathan Gipaya Photography (Copyright 2015)


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Manu & Audel: One-year Anniversary

Manu & Audel got married on August 9, 2013 and entrusted me with the responsibility of photographing their wedding. This was my first wedding as a primary photographer and photography was still a hobby of mine at the time. I informed them of this and the entire time we communicated, they were very positive and optimistic of my skills. They believed in me.

Manu & Audel were my first clients and were one of the main reasons why I got into wedding photography in the first place. I'm so grateful for the honor of being a part of their wedding, for showing me that it's not just about photographing weddings, but the opportunities for me to meet amazing people and to be a part of their lives. I love you two, congratulations on your one year anniversary!

Photography by Jonathan Gipaya and Michelle Arquillano (Assistant)

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