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Caroline & Sean: Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is one of the many treasures of Washington State. As a child, I'd marvel at the beauty of this waterfall and always wondered what it was like to be at bottom of it. I got an amazing opportunity to photograph my friends, Danielle & Ben, and their wedding in Fall City and ventured at the bottom of the falls for some epic bride and groom portraits. Ever since then, I've been wanting to go back and Caroline & Sean were up for the task of doing their engagement session here. I brought my friends Rhys Logan and Kelsey Chance along to the shoot to get some help in the videography and styling field and they did an amazing job.

Caroline & Sean are one of the many amazing couples I get to work with this year and next year. We have a mutual friends in my connection with ODESZA and it was really great collaborating with them and my stylist, Kelsey Chance, for this shoot. Even before meeting them in person, I knew this shoot would go really well. It's an amazing feeling to have as a wedding photographer.

Trust is always a big part of photography. Especially when it comes to asking clients to take the time to go to these amazing locations, opening up to you almost immediately and trusting that you'll take great photos of them and who they are as a couple. It's one of the many responsibilities of a wedding photographer that I absolutely love.

Please enjoy the amazing video by Rhys Logan

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Photos by Jonathan Gipaya // Video by Rhys Logan // Styling by Kelsey Chance


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Gaby Borromeo: Snoqualmie Falls

It was Easter weekend and my friend, Gaby Borromeo, was back home for a little while and it was great seeing her again. She is one of the most talented people I know and is an incredible singer that is currently residing in New York. We had talked about doing a photo shoot sometime and Snoqualmie Falls was the perfect location. The forecast was rainy (which is to be expected in WA), but Gaby was totally down for anything and was a trooper.

We arrived at Snoqualmie Falls and with the help of my assistant and Gaby's cousin, Michelle, we all hopped over the fence and made our way down to the base of the waterfall. If you haven't ever been to Snoqualmie Falls before, I highly recommend it. It's an incredible sight and is the perfect spot to take a photo and show off to your friends.

Once we reached the waterfall, the rain was drizzling ever so slightly. The sun was lighting up the clouded sky making for a light overcast day. If you know me, I love this type of light for photography because it casts such even and flattering light on your subjects and environment. Gaby and I started walking around and taking photos and after awhile, we were fortunate to come across some beautiful lighting. The sun broke through one of the clouds and for a couple of minutes we took advantage of it and got some really dynamic images with Gaby standing on a rock. After those photos, we called it a day and it was perfect timing too. The minute we start heading back to the car, it started pouring down.

I'm stoked on how these photos turned out as I have been working hard on my portraiture and post-processing. These images were processed using a new method of mine with the help of VSCO. An incredible piece of software that simulates a lot of the classic films from Kodak, Fuji, Ilford,  and many more.

Anyways, I invite you to check out Gaby's music and see what she's up to! She's the type of person that can always brighten your day and is working extremely hard to fulfill her passion for music. It's very inspiring and I wish her all the best.

Twitter: @gabyborromeo




Here are some photos from our shoot:

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