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Kalene & Kyle: Cape Kiwanda

If you haven't been down the Oregon Coast, I highly recommend doing so. It is one of the most gorgeous places in the world and the perfect backdrop for Kalene & Kyle's engagement shoot. I love it when couples come to me with an open mind and heart and tell me that they trust me fully to create a beautiful engagement shoot for them. This, to me, allows me the freedom to be as creative and genuine as possible. Kalene & Kyle were up for anything and over a meeting and a few emails, we had decided on taking photos at Cape Kiwanda. We drove down from Seattle really early in the morning and stopped in Portland for some Blue Star Doughnuts and coffee. We were ready for an all day adventure and it was such a blast. After a full day of shooting and battling the elements, we got back in the car and drove to Portland to have some food and drinks at 10 Barrel (highly recommend it) and got back into Seattle really late at night. I can't wait to witness two amazing people get married and to have the honor of photographing their wedding day is the cherry on top.



Rosemarie & Brody: Proposal at Edmonds Beach

Wow, what an incredible Sunday.

Photographing couples for engagements and their wedding is spectacular in itself, but today, for the first time ever, I was able to photograph and be a part of a proposal.

The plan coming into this proposal was that Brody was going to take Rosemarie on the beach for a walk. All the while, we would place a big bottle on the beach near the water to mark the spot we would want Brody to propose. I was situated near some driftwood with a long Canon 300L lens and had a pretty decent idea of what my composition was going to be.

While we were waiting for the couple to arrive at the beach, we had two occasions where we had to have people move away from the bottle. One instance was when a girl sat down by the bottle and started making sandcastles with it. Politely, we asked the girl to leave. The other occasion was when a couple, walking by hand in hand, noticed the bottle with a note and started examining it. While my assistant was briefly explaining to the couple about our set up, Rosemarie & Brody arrived to the beach. The couple that was holding the bottlec quickly placed it back down and my assistant casually walked away from the scene.

Brody took Rosemarie to a bench and was smoothly and slowly taking her to the bottle down by the water. They then took a brief detour and stopped by a bench about halfway from where I was and where the bottle was situated.

Reading Brody's face expression, I gathered that he couldn't find the bottle on the beach and started to walk Rosemarie out a little further before he got down on one knee. That's when I laid completely flat on the ground, viewing underneath the driftwood and photographed one of the most amazing events I'll ever see in my life.

It was magic. You can tell from their faces that it was and I couldn't help but smile myself because it's a moment they'll remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. I am incredibly honored to have witnessed this proposal and to be able to share this story with you all.

Here are photos from today's proposal. Enjoy!