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Yuna: The Crocodile in Seattle, WA


Yuna: The Crocodile in Seattle, WA

I have been a fan of Yuna's music ever since she released her first album. Her new album, "Nocturnal" is nothing short of amazing and has been on repeat for a long time now. I had the opportunity to photograph for Yuna and her band on the first city of her tour in Seattle. I met up with the band at The Crocodile for their load-in/soundcheck. I'm usually an outgoing person, but upon meeting Yuna, I suddenly because nervous and a bit star struck. I shyly introduced myself to her while she was on stage getting ready for soundcheck. Yuna is an extremely talented vocalist and musician, but it was nice to know she was very kind as well. We shook hands and I informed her that I was her photographer for the night and welcomed her back to Seattle.

I love taking behind the scene photos of bands. As a musician who's been on tour and has played countless shows with numerous bands, some of the best moments are the ones before and after a show. It gives you insight as to the chemistry of the band members with every person's different personalities, it also let's you listen to their rehearsal methods and how efficient the group is under pressure, and the planning behind the show via soundcheck. Sound checks are some of my favorite moments to experience with a band. There are key decisions before a show that can make and break the performance aspect of a certain song or even the entire set. For instance, the band had agreed on playing a hit on "2" for the opening song, "Falling". I believe it was for the second time the chorus was sung, but knowing this decision beforehand enhanced my listening/watching experience at the actual show. You could see and even feel the anticipation between the band members and they expressed this on-stage communication with each other through eye contact. I don't know how many audience members find this aspect of performing entertaining, but as a musician, these are subtle, yet important things I love observing.

After sound check, I had met up with Lively Music who was recording video and audio that night, to do an interview with Yuna in her green room. It was a brief, yet entertaining interview and it was cool to hear Yuna explaining her thoughts on the new album and to also offer her insight on the music industry and L.A.

After taking a small coffee break with my friends Ariana and Stephanie, I came back to the Crocodile to listen to the two opening acts for the night. Tuesday night isn't typically the best day to book a show, but Yuna alongside the two other bands: Susy Sun and Jus Moni, brought the people of Seattle out of their homes and into the Crocodile and it was a great night indeed. Here are some of my photos from Yuna's show and I hope you like them! Feel free to share this blog with your family and friends! Please check out Yuna's new album, I promise it won't disappoint. Feel free to check out the links below and support the talent that was involved in making this a great night:

Yuna - Website: // Twitter & Instagram: @yunamusic

Susy Sun - Website: // Instagram: @susysunmusic

Jus Moni - Website: // Twitter: @jusmoni

Lively Music - Website: Download the iOS app now!

The Crocodile - Website:


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